When Sarah met Murray


I remember asking a friend who was recently engaged, how do you know you have found the one? She said, Sez, you just know. That was how i felt after meeting Murray for a late night coffee. I had been on FSO for a year, met a couple of nice boys on the way, but felt something different and unexpected that evening. It may sound a little corny, but it just felt right. Our relationship progressed happily and rapidly. We were pregnant with our son 6 months later. Our daughter quickly followed. Within two years I went from singledom to a crazy busy household of five (Murray has a son from his previous marriage). We survived the earthquakes, being rezoned and the renovation of three properties, while raising our young family. These we super-stressful times but showed how resilient and strong our bond is. We also threw in a wedding! We recently celebrated our first anniversary and are in love as ever! Thanks FindSomeone, I obviously couldn't be any happier with my experience on the site. And finally, to other members here, have faith and have fun, your match is out there, perhaps just waiting for that 'smile'.



  • Any advice to other singles still looking for their special someone?

    Be patient, it will happen for you!

  • What attracted you first about your partner?

    His height! I am tall so prefer a tall partner. this is why FSO is so great, you are able to define desirable traits you are seeking in someone. I also loved how he wrote.

  • How did you and your significant other find each other on FSO?

    Murray and I exchanged smiles a year earlier (he claims no knowledge of this) and communication stalled, however he emailed me then we chatted for a week before catching up.

  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    Um, yes, one or two!

  • Were you nervous about online dating at the start?

    Not at all, I had a number of friends who had found success on the site. I think it's a fantastic way to meet someone.

  • What was your first date?

    We met for a coffee and didn't have our second date for a month as Murray left for a trip around Europe the following morning!